Visibility diminished throughout the state, with rain in the morning, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, Ta. September 10, 2019, Tuesday

The state is once again raining. By nightfall, the slow start of the night had taken the form of sunshine with a bitter breeze by morning.

Megha Raja made an explosive batting late in the evening on Monday in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad: A rainstorm was observed in Ahmedabad from early morning on Tuesday. The sky was covered with black debang clouds. Then the thunderstorms broke with rains. Due to low visibility, those who had to leave the office in the morning had to suffer heavy casualties.

Heavy rains have been predicted by heavy weather in Saurashtra and southern Gujarat.


Mehsana district has a heavy rainfall. There is continuous rainfall in Mehsana. Even on Monday, the people were relieved by unbearable turmoil while the rain remained unchanged.


Vadodara city has once again received a thunderstorm and the city received heavy rainfall. Due to heavy rainfall, Mg. Areas including road, ravapura, dandia bazar, alkapuri, ajwa road, kareli bagh are flooded. More than three inches of rain has caused people to suffer. Life is busy.


The district has received overnight rainfall in Aravalli district. In the last twenty-four hours, there has been two inches of rain in Modassa Megher. About two and a half inches of rain is received in Dhansura. In Bhiloda and Malpur, one inch of rain has been received. Even today, it is raining in Baid.


A cloud is seen again in Surat today. There is a rains in the whole district. Rainfall has started in the districts including Bardoli, Kamrej and Mandvi districts. In the last 24 hours, four inches and a half of Dhund Rasad has been raining in the low lying area. The railway underpass near the sugar mill of Bardoli is under water. So the main markets are also flooded.

Waterlogged at village Kichiabori on Surat Kim-Mandvi Highway No. 53, 100 people were evacuated from village


Meghamaher is being observed on the ninth day in Umargam taluka of Valsad district. All the Cheadams and rivers of the taluka are flooded. Due to continuous rainfall, water has been washed away on the roads. So the drivers are suffering.


Chhotaudepur also received heavy rainfall. In the last twenty-four hours, more than three inches of rain has fallen in Nashwadi. Due to heavy rains, it has been a turn for the people. The roads are washed.

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