The Indian army will release 27,000 soldiers, this is the reason

New delhi date. August 13, 2019, Tuesday

The Indian Army is planning to release 27,000 soldiers. The soldiers who can be sorted out are not part of the troops deployed on the battlefield of the army and work only at the organization level.

According to an English newspaper, the release of these soldiers would save the army Rs 1,600 crore. Currently there are 12.50 lakh soldiers in the Indian Army. Now efforts are being made to cut numbers to make the army stronger and more powerful. So that the money paid as salaries and pensions can be used for modernization.

Currently 80% of the army's budget is used to pay salaries and other day expenses. After that there is little money left for modernization.

Currently the Indian Army has sent the proposal to the Defense Ministry. The Indian Army plans to reduce the total of one and half lakh soldiers in the next seven years. This will save Rs 6,000 to Rs 7,000 crore a year.

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