Rupani government gives relief to Modi government law on road safety

Ahmedabad. September 10, 2019, Tuesday

Since the introduction of the Motor Vehicle Act-2019 from September 1, 2019 across the country, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to violate traffic rules. In some cases, the penalty amount has been increased five times and 10 times. However, in the new law of the central government, the Romanian government has punched in the prime minister's home state of Gujarat.

The drivers of Gujarat have been relieved in penalties. The Romanian government has amended the penalties that fall under the authority of the state government. In addition, seat belt, helmet and impedance parking fines have been modified.

CM Rupani has given the information through a press conference. He said that these new rules are for the safety of the people. The new rules will come into force on September 16. The Central Government has introduced new rules for traffic rules by amending the Motor Vehicle Act. Under which huge fines are being charged. Which is also witnessing great anger among the people. Then these new rules of traffic will also be introduced in Gujarat on September 16. New rules have been implemented to enforce traffic rules tightly.

The state government will introduce these new traffic rules from September 16. The government has decided to implement the new rules from September 16, giving people time to prepare for compliance with the new traffic rules. CM Rupani said that he is interested in implementing 100% of the new rules. These rules are in the interest of the people.

Referring to cases of over-speeding and traffic violations, CM Rupani said that those who show their documents in the digital app will be considered valid. If there is no seat belt, a fine of Rs 500 will be charged. 100 rupees fine on three or four rides on a scooter.

The state government has given great relief to the Motor Vehicle Act of the Center. CM Vijay Rupani addressed the press conference. CM Rupani addressed the press conference.

Starting September 16, new traffic rules will apply

500 helmet fine if not helmet

A two-wheeler will be fined Rs 1500 for driving over speed

70 km per hour speed overspeed in the city

Power to levy penalty to police and RTO

Rupees 500 fine for non-seat belt wearers

The state government reduced the penalty amount

For the first time a mobile vehicle has a fine of Rs 500

If there is no license, insurance and PUC, there will be a fine of Rs 1500

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