If you reduce the penalties, the responsibility lies with the state: Gadkari

The central government has made a law but now, like 'Take me out of the box': if Gujarat reduces the penalty amount to 90%, Maharashtra and West Bengal refuse to enforce the Vehicle Act.

New delhi date. September 11, 2019, Wednesday

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, who is not implementing the penalties as per the new law for violating the traffic rules by the Gujarat government, has said that if any states do not implement the new traffic law then that state will be responsible for it.

Road Transport Minister Gadkari said that life is more important than money for the states which are refusing to impose penalties? Penalties have been raised to save people's lives.

Gadkari said in an interview that people should have fear of the law. Why the death penalty for rapists after the Nirbhaya case? So the answer is that people have a fear of the law.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday, the BJP-ruled Gujarat government had reduced the penalty by 5 percent compared to the penalty amount in the new traffic law of the Center. Gadkari said the penalty amount has been increased to save people's lives. My purpose is to save the lives of the people and for this I will need the cooperation of the state governments.

When Gadkari was asked whether the central government would compel states to implement new traffic laws? So in response, Gadkari said that the states which want to implement and those which do not want to do so.

When asked about the reduction in the penalty amount by the Gujarat Government, Gadkari said that if the Chief Minister of Gujarat seems to be more than the penalty, then his will. Gadkari said he has studied motor law in Britain, Canada, California and Argentina. However, he last said he would try to persuade the chief ministers of all states.

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government has also refused to implement the new Motor Vehicle Act before the assembly elections. The Maharashtra government has written to Gadkari demanding a re-review of the Act.

On the other hand, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that the act will not be implemented in West Bengal as it is impossible for the common man to pay the new fine. Gadkari, who did not enforce the Act by the states, said that since the Act is on the concurrent list, the state has the right to decide whether to implement the Act.

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