Now Kashmiri Muslims need to teach Indianness: RSS leader Indresh Kumar

New delhi date. August 14, 2019, Wednesday

Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar has given his response after the abolition of Article 370 that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the next step should be to teach Kashmiri Muslims 'Indianness'. It is worth mentioning that Indresh Kumar is also the organizer of National Muslim Forum.

Union leader Kumar told ET, "Islam is a special kind of religion. Who do not even respect Ramadan and Eid. It just spreads violence. The attack in Pulwa has made this clear. Kashmiri Muslims should refrain from this type of Islam. Other Muslims all over the country have accepted the principles of one nation, one flag, one constitution and one citizenship, and now this is the way through which the valley can flourish. '

The coordinator of the National Muslim Forum further said, "A quarter of the people of Ladakh and Kashmir Valley are happy to abolish Article 370. Almost two-thirds of the population in Jammu and Kashmir is happy to have this clause removed. He said that after this step of the government, the Pandits, Dogars, Sikhs, Shia Muslims, Gurjars and Dalits of Jammu and Kashmir have got justice.

According to Kumar, the Kashmir Valley has been an integral part of India and we have to work towards connecting the concept of nationalism and nationalism to further the people of the valley. He said that Kashmiri is an important part of Muslims who want peace and development. This class knows that India has given them all this.

Referring to the current developments in Kashmir, the RSS leader said that he had visited all the people of the state through the organizations and now his two organizations were talking to the administration about the issue through which Pakistan could be separated internationally.

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