Live: PM Modi hoisted waves from the Red Fort for the sixth consecutive time

New delhi date. Thursday 15th August 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Rajghat before paying homage to Lal Killa where he paid tribute to President Mahatma Gandhi. Prime Minister Modi has once again been seen wearing a saffron in celebration of independence. After paying tribute to Gandhi Bapu, PM Modi left for Lalkilla.

The whole country is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day today. There is an atmosphere of celebration and patriotic slogans are echoing in the memory of those who are fighting for independence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again addressed the country by hoisting the tricolor on Lal Killa.

This is Narendra Modi's first speech since Lal Killal since becoming the Prime Minister for the second time, so the speech is not only visible to the country but the whole world. PM Modi has flagged the Red Fort for the sixth consecutive time.

PM Modi said that since independence, who has contributed to the development of the country so far. They also worship him. It has not been 10 weeks of the new government but work has been done in every sector in such a short time. The removal of Article 370, 35A within 10 weeks is one step in fulfilling Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's dreams. For the benefit of Muslim sisters, the bill has been abolished.

PM Modi said that our government has moved towards reducing poverty in the country. So far, the government of every party has done something for the good of the country but still 50% of the people have no drinking water available in their homes. People face many kinds of problems for drinking water.

Our government is moving towards getting water to every household. PM Modi, meanwhile, announced the Water Life Mission and announced a budget of Rs 3 lakh crore which would raise awareness among the people about water conservation, use of sea water, use of waste water and low water farming.

Prime Minister Modi greeted the country on Independence Day in his address. He greeted the rakshabandhan and expressed concern for the flood victims.

The central government and the state government are tackling this together. Prime Minister Modi also saluted the freedom fighters who lost their lives in the fight for independence.

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