Kashmir is only part of India: confession of Pak

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Qureshi's video on Kashmir being a state of India goes viral

Geneva, Ta. September 10, 2019, Tuesday

Pakistan has been arguing all over the world to raise the issue of Kashmir since India lifted Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan has raised the issue of Kashmir during the ongoing United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, despite no one supporting Pakistan on Kashmir issues from the United States, America, China, Russia, and Islamic countries.

However, while raising the issue, Pakistan confessed that Kashmir is a part of India. The video of the confession of the Pakistani Foreign Minister was very controversial on Tuesday.

Qureshi said that India is trying to show the world that life has become normal in Kashmir. But if everything is normal there, why does it not allow the international media, organizations, NGOs, civil society to go to Jammu and Kashmir state of India. Why not let them see the facts themselves.

Pakistan has again appealed to the United Nations on Kashmir. Pakistan has again demanded an inquiry into the UN after the UN human rights organization claimed that human rights in Kashmir had been violated.

The 42nd session is currently underway in the United States. In the course of his speech, Pakistan had made very serious allegations against India. On the other hand, outside the UN office a demonstration was held in support of Balochistan against Pakistan.

Along with Pakistan, the world had also made serious allegations in the Kashmir issue and asked why other countries of the world have remained silent on the matter. Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mohammad Qureshi also confessed that Kashmir is the state of India. When asked by the media after participating in a human rights convention, Qureshi said that Kashmir is the state of India.

He said that India is trying to show the world that life has become normal in Kashmir. If this is the case then why does India not allow international media, media and NGOs to go to their state Jammu and Kashmir. That is, Pakistan's Foreign Minister acknowledged that Kashmir is part of India.

However, earlier he had poisoned anti-India and claimed that human rights were being violated in Kashmir. Mitchell, the chief of the United Nations Human Rights Organization, has previously intervened in the matter, which has led Pakistan to speak later.

However, India has stated very clearly that Kashmir is a part of India and no other country has the right to intervene. Although India has made this clear to the United Nations, Pakistan has repeatedly raised only one issue.

However, it has no effect on the United Nations or any other country. On the other hand, outside the UN office, human rights are being violated in Balochistan and Pakhtunkhwa, leading to increasing anger among the people. The Balochistan Human Rights Council raised the issue and launched a demonstration outside the UN office in Geneva, which led to the collapse of Pakistan over human rights issues.

With the Government to Respond to Pak.uk in UN: Congress

New delhi date. 10

Congress spokesperson Ragini Naik said that the central government was able to take up the issue which should be raised to respond to the Kashmir issue. He also said that if Pakistan calls India's Prime Minister Hitler, we oppose it. He said that Pakistan wanted to infiltrate the Kashmir issue internationally so that it could defame India but we would not allow this to happen and we would oppose it. As well as criticizing Pakistan over Rahul Gandhi's statement, Congress used Rahul Gandhi's statement for his own interests, which Congress also criticized.

He also praised the present government for Kashmir and Pakistan and said that the Modi government is capable of responding to Pakistan and we are with it.

India's aggressive response to the UN Human Rights Convention

India exposes Pakistani claims to UN

Pakistan, which supports terrorists, does not want to talk about human rights: India's answer

Geneva, Ta. September 10, 2019, Tuesday

The 42nd session on human rights is underway in the United Nations, with each country being represented in its own way. The issue of Kashmir was raised by Pakistan at the United Nations Human Rights Convention which India also aggressively responded to. And said Article 370 has been removed only to protect and promote the human rights of Kashmiris.

India has also clearly stated that Pakistan is the center of terrorism. India responded to the UN Human Rights Commission saying that any sanctions imposed in Kashmir were imposed on security. And there are a number of concessions.

Earlier on Tuesday, India had referred to Jammu and Kashmir in a joint statement issued by Pakistan Foreign Minister Wang Yi during a visit to Islamabad.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar also expressed concern over the business corridor between Pakistan and China in the POK. And said that this is just a kind of intervention in the Indian territory. Foreign Ministry Secretary Vijay Thakur told the UN that our government is implementing policies in Kashmir that ensure the development of the state.

We are also working for the human rights of the Azad Courts and the Azad Media State. The changes we have made can also apply to progressive policies in Jammu and Kashmir. While in the Security Council debate, Sayed Akbaruddin, a permanent member of the United Nations in India, said that India is committed to the peace of the country and the world and is working in that direction.

The Central Government will buy the crop directly from the farmers of Kashmir

Srinagar, Ta. 10

Following the threat of terrorists in Kashmir, the central government will now buy vegetables from local farmers in the state. At the same time, money will be deposited directly into the account of any farmers who will be buying vegetables.

Terrorists are receiving threats after the government has abolished the special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir and is threatening to attack anyone who buys from local farmers. In the midst of this situation, there are reports that the central government will buy all the items directly from the farmers and will be given a fair return.

At the same time, such farmers will be credited directly to the account. Kashmir especially produces fruits like apples which are getting good prices in other states. So now the government will help farmers to buy more apples in Kashmir.

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