Eid celebrates with Harshalas in Kashmir, people distribute sweets outside their homes

CRPF launches special helpline to help Kashmiris, more than 300 telephone booths set up

A large number of army personnel were deployed in the wake of the Eid celebrations.

New delhi date. August 12, 2019, Monday

Like other parts of the country, Eid was celebrated in Kashmir. The situation in Kashmir was likely to worsen after Article 370 was abolished. These terrorists could also be activated, keeping in view the fact that security was greatly enhanced. In the meantime, Kashmiris on Monday celebrated Eid in a very peaceful atmosphere.

However, in Srinagar, the situation was a little worsening, with heavy security deployed outside most of the mosques here. In addition, the stone pelters were also re-energizing the Eden Baha, resulting in the closure of mosques for prayers in many sensitive areas.

However, later the mosques were reopened when the situation seemed appropriate. On the other hand, there was an atmosphere of great peace in other districts and areas other than Srinagar. Government officials and ministers also shared photos of the Eid celebrations. People quietly celebrated Eid.

Pakistani journalists, on the other hand, claimed that there was a crackdown between the police and the military in Jammu and Kashmir. However, the claims were jointly rejected by both the military and the police.

Kashmir police said the crop on social media. The post of journalists is going viral, but the facts are different. The CRPF, on the other hand, also issued a statement via Twitter, claiming these claims were false. More than 300 telephone booths were set up in most parts of Kashmir to hold Eid celebrations peacefully.

Besides, magistrates were also deployed to help people in different places in Kashmir. Security personnel tried to help people in Eid celebrations. Vehicles ran to keep people from getting vegetables and other food items at home and banks were also left open.

CRPF has launched a helpline to help people, named as helpers, the helpline number has been named 14411, while this helpline number was launched, with over 500 calls to this helpline number on Sunday. Most of the calls were received to inquire about the situation in Kashmir. When

A mobile number has also been issued in connection with the Eid festival. And it was reported that if the five-digit helpline number does not work, you can call this mobile number. Ajit Dobhal, a national security adviser in Kashmir, also stayed at the Eid festival.

He tried to find out what was the situation after the abolition of Article 370, his team officials said, adding that the situation in Kashmir was completely calm. Meanwhile, the Eid celebrations between Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti were quiet.

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