Delay in launch of Chandrayaan-2 effect, India's powerful satellite

New delhi date. 11. Wednesday of September 2019

The launch of India's most powerful satellite Kartosat-3 is likely to be delayed by a month.

After the launch of Chandrayaan-2, ISRO was told to Chief or Sew that in the coming days, another important mission of this year is to carry out ISRO.

However, sources in ISRO have said that the landing of Chandrayan-2 has not landed as planned and a large team of ISRO experts are trying to contact the lander, which may delay the launch of CartoSat. According to the advance timetable, It was about to launch in the end. Now its launch could be a month or so back.

Cartosat 1 and Cartosat 2 satellite ISRO have been launched earlier in the CartoSat series. The surgical strike and air strike against Pakistan played a key role in providing this information. Cartosat 3 is even more powerful than that. Will issue.

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