Deadly terrorists in Kashmir despite heavy security claims: Hielert

– Increase security in sensitive areas; troops and locals should not be attacked as a bridge over the target of terrorists.

Srinagar, Ta. September 11, 2019, Wednesday

Pakistan is trying to infiltrate terrorists in India under any circumstances. As a result, border security was also enhanced. In spite of all this, reports have come out against the terrorists in Kashmir. Following this, a large number of investigative operations have also been issued in Kashmir. In addition, some sanctions have to be imposed in areas that are highly sensitive, as these terrorists can launch major attacks at any time, as well as targeting locals and troops.

Currently, terrorists are attacking the army vehicle with explosives, so there is possibility of another attack like Pulwama. Jammu and Kashmir Police Officer Dilbag Singh said that infiltration was attempted by terrorists at several places along the border.

However most of them have succeeded in thwarting their efforts. However, we have also received reports that some terrorists have come to this side of the border – Kashmir. Based on intelligence reports and reports from other agencies as well as information from locals, the claim was made by the local police, who has been alerted to Kashmir recently.

Along with the police, it has also said that every effort is being made for security. The terrorists suspected of being infiltrated are likely to be spread not only by attacks but also by spreading violence across Kashmir across the border, and police are also keeping an eye on whether these terrorists are currently in contact with any separatists.

A police officer told that the terrorists sent by Pakistan had also been ordered to spread the violence. Earlier, National Security Advisor Ajit Dobhal also said that six terrorists had been prepared by Pakistan at the POK across the border and could enter Kashmir at any time.

Now the police have said that the terrorists have actually penetrated and that every security is currently being monitored. The Internet service, on the other hand, has been shut down even now, with terrorists infiltrating the rumor with the intention of spreading violence to the valley at any time. Pakistan has also trained terrorists on how to spread violence. This is why they brainwash Kashmiri youth and later fulfill their intentions. So, every kind of messaging app and other sites are being monitored, from social media.

Another success for the army and police in Kashmir
Terrorist shot dead in Sopore
Asif used to attack people to spread fear among the businessmen and the peasants

A few days ago, a family home was attacked by militants in Kashmir in which four people, including a child, were injured. Following the incident, the army has been successful in killing one of the escaped terrorists. The military killed the terrorist in an operation.

An operation was carried out by the army in Sopore in which the army killed Asif, a terrorist in Toiba. Asif had earlier attacked a house in Sopore. The attack on a fruit trader left four people injured, including a child, only two and a half years old. Asif was later leaving, his picture has also surfaced.

Informing about the terror, Kashmir Police Chief Dilbag Singh said that Asif had spread a lot of terrorism in Kashmir and especially in Sopore. The operation conducted by the military has been a great success. The commercial that Asif attacked was a conspiracy to spread terror in the state. Citizens are thus being attacked in order to spread fear among the people.

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