Congratulations to the Wing Commander on Independence Day will be honored with a heroic cycle

New delhi date. Wednesday 14th August 2019

Congratulations to the Jawan Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force for their heroic bravery on the Independence Day from the Government of India. Pakistan, frightened by the air strike's air strike, attacked Indian Air Force stations on February 27, rendering the Indian Air Force useless. In addition, Squadron Leader Minty Agarwal will also be honored with the rank of war service.

The Indian army responded on February 26 after a Thai attack in Pulwama district. The Indian Air Force infiltrated about 80 km in and destroyed the active terrorist camp in Balakot and POK in Pakistan. In response to this action taken by India, the Pakistani Air Force attempted to infiltrate and attack India on February 27.

24 Pak Army fighter jets landed at the Indian border to fly Indian Army bases, but they were proved right before the valor of the Indian Air Force wing commander, Congratulations Vardhman. They had to flee.

Pakistan used modern F-16 aircraft to penetrate the Indian border. The Wing Commander was responding with congratulations to the MiG-21. Introducing the invincible adventure, the congratulations were dropped on Pak-F-16 planes, though one of the Indian Air Force aircraft suffered a MiG-21 accident, which resulted in the congratulations jumping off into the Pak area. They remained in the crop for about 60 hours. At the international level, India was forced to leave Pakistan at the end of pressure.

However, after the pressure of India, Pakistan had to leave the congratulatory present. Pakistani security forces arrested the congratulations, but about 60 hours later they were repatriated from the Wagah border to India. The Veer Chakra is the third highest honor given in India during the war.

On February 14, a suicide attack on the Central Reserve Police Force killed 40 soldiers. In response to this, India launched an airstrike on Balakot in which several terrorist bases were destroyed. 'Param Vir Chakra' and 'Maha Vir Chakra' followed by 'Veer Chakra' is the third largest military award. Such Padma awards are given to those who introduce invaluable adventure in the battlefield.

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