China-India no longer developing, stop benefit of WTO: Trump

Washington, Ta. August 14, 2019, Wednesday

India and China are now developing countries, and they benefit from developing countries in the World Trade Organization (WTO), said US President Donald Trump. Trump said he would no longer run the matter.

Donald Trump, America's first policy advocate, has described India as a tariff king many times. A trade war is currently underway between the United States and China. In early July, Trump told the WTO he would tell me how he defines a developing country. Trump wants the WTO to extend the benefits that India, China and Turkey are being given as a developing country.

In a memorandum, Trump has authorized the US Trade Representative to initiate disciplinary action against any developed economies improperly benefiting from the WTO.

Addressing a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump said that since China's two largest economies in Asia and India are no longer developing countries, they benefit from the WTO. America continues to suffer as she continues to take advantage of developing countries. Both countries have been benefiting from our land for many years. It is worth mentioning that under the WTO rule, developing countries receive a number of benefits, including deduction in import duty.

During this speech, Trump warned the WTO that if he continued anti-American policy, America would withdraw from the WTO. It is worth mentioning that the US has made several complaints in the WTO.

China has made numerous complaints, including the theft of American technology, by the World Trade Organization in the United States. Trump is upset with the WTO for not taking any action by the World Trade Organization on these complaints.

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