& # 039; Guy & # 039; And & # 039; om & # 039; Some people think of the current words like: PM Modi

Lucknow, Ta-11 September 2019, Wednesday

While addressing a rally in Mathura, PM Modi said that the words of Om and Guy were raised in the ears of some people, as soon as the hair of their head was raised, they felt cursing. And the people who name the songs are ruining the country.

PM Modi has started a project to vaccinate dairy cows from Mathura.

Addressing the people then, PM Modi said, "Terrorism is a global problem and has its roots in our neighboring country. India is facing and will continue to face terrorism today. India is capable of taking action against terrorists."

He appealed for the release of homes, offices and schools from single-use plastics by October 2, saying that a cleanliness service campaign has been launched today. The National Animal Disease Control Program has also been launched. It is necessary to take a pledge for a free country. Mathura's awe inspires the country. Yavaranana role model is also incomplete cheparyavarana and animals are part of India's economic growth dreamed of Krishna without cheparyavarana.

He thanked the people for winning the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections.

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