BJP occupies Delhi University, allocates 3 out of 4 seats to ABVP

New delhi date. 13 September 2019, Friday
The results of the Delhi University Student Union have been revealed. The ABVP has taken over the post of Chairman, Vice President and Joint Secretary, while NSUI has won the post of Secretary. The counting from this morning was completed at 3.30 pm, after which the results were announced. Akshati Dahiya of ABVP has been elected as the Vice President, Vice President, Shivangi Kharwal Joint Secretary and Ashish Long of NSUI.
The results of the Delhi University Student Union elections have been announced. BJP's student wing ABVP has wrapped up its victory leaflet. ABVP has occupied the post of Chairman, Vice President and Joint Secretary in the election of Delhi University Students' Union. While NSUI has only been able to achieve the post of Secretary.
This morning, when the vote was counted, it was completed at 3.30pm. After that the results have been announced. ABVP's Akshah Dahiya DUSU president, Pradeep Tanwar vice-president and Shivangi Kharwal have been elected joint secretary, while NSUI's Ashish has been elected as long secretary.
There was a triangular battle between student organizations NSUI, ABVP and AISA. The total turnout was 39.9 percent. About 40 percent of the turnout was in the morning shift. Which is a lot less than last year. While voting was completed at 7.30pm in colleges in the evening shift. Until late night, the evening shift percentage was not announced.

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